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1. When did the Romans come to England for the first time
2. What was the original name of the British capital? And how many people lived there by year 400?
3. When did the Romans leave Britain?
4. When did William the Conqueror come to England from Normandy? Why did he build the White Tower in the Tower of London?
5. Where did the Great Fire of London start? How long did it last? How big was the part of the city destroyed by the fire?
6. What caused caused the Great Fire of London?
7. What is the official name of Great Britain now?
8. What do people mean when they say "Great Britain"?
9. What parts does Great Britain consist of and what are their capitals?
10. What do we call narrowest
art of English Channel?
11. The people who were born in Britain are English, aren't they?
12. What does the Union Jack look like and what does it symbolize?
13. What is understood by the Commonwealth? What do you know about it?
14. Who does the power in the country belong to?
15. Who makes laws in the country?

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1 The Romans went to England many years ago,around 55 BC.
2 The original name of the town was Londinium.By the year 400 AD,there were fifty thousand people in Londinium.
3 Soon after 400 AD,the Romans left Britain.
4 In 1066 William the Conqueror came to England from Normandy, he became the king of England.William was afraid of the English and he built the White Tower to live in it.
5 1666 was a year of the Great Fire of London. On the second of September,It started in the house of the king's baker near London Bridge.Many houses in London were burnt. The fire burnt for four days. More than twenty-five thousand people didn't have home.
6 The Great Fire of London was caused by unblown down candle in bakery.
7 The official name of Great Britain is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
8 They mean England,Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland.
9 Great Britain consists of England,Wales and Scotland.
10 The narrowest part of the English Channel is called th­e Strait of Dover.
11 No,they aren't.They are the British.
12 The "Union Jack" or "Union Flag" is made up of three different national symbols. The cross represented in each flag is named after the patron saint of each country: St. George, patron saint of England, St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland and St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland.
13 A commonwealth is any political entity that was founded on law and united by a compact for the good of the people.It is an international association such the Commonwealth(The Commonwealth of Nations)is a group of 53 states, all of which (except for two) were formerly part of the British Empire.
14 It belongs to the Parliament and Prime Minister.
15 The government brings bills (suggested new laws) to the House of Commons, where they are discussed and voted, and if they are passed they are signed by the Queen and become Acts of Parliament, which means that they become part of British law.


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